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Sports law is an interdisciplinary subject involving elements from the law governing associations, employment law, business law, administrative law and criminal law. Dr. Schneider is one of the few specialists in this field. His doctoral thesis and experience as a lecturer and speaker are clear indications of his familiarity with all facets of sports law. His clients include professional athletes, players’ agents, clubs, associations, sports capital enterprises and sponsors. Based on his experience, experience and network, Dr. Schneider is the person to ask where legal issues concern national or international player transfers, problems relating to accusations of doping, or when seeking legal certainty with regard to sponsoring agreements.

However, associations and organizations are tremendously important in German society, not only in sports. Legislation should not prevent tasks from being taken on. However, it is important not to underestimate the legal framework conditions, e.g. liability issues. Simple, well-structured by-laws are conducive to good relations within an association. The wording of the by-laws can be essential where an association imposes fines or seeks to exclude a member. Numerous formal requirements have to be met. Dr. Schneider is a member in several associations and has been a key board member of a major association for many years. He is familiar with the processes within an association and on its board, with the worries and needs of members and board members alike.

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